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Vertical Marine Balers

Usage of Vertical Marine Balers

Specially used for compressing the waste like food residue, paper, plastics, disposable tableware etc. which widely applied by the vessels, drilling platform, island, harbor, restaurant, hotel and hospital etc.

Features of Vertical Marine Balers

  • Machine's frame is strong and powerful for odious environment;
  • Equipped with stainless inner box to avoid corrosion;
  • The machine with professional enclosed design to avoid dust in;
  • The ram will stop running downwards when the feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation
  • Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation
  • Special ram guides design makes the platen not slope because of uneven materials feedings during compression
  • Equipped with NOK seals that from Japan means longer lifespan of the seals
  • Equipped with A.M.C. oil pipe joints that from Japan ensures the machine far away from oil leakage problems





Feed Opening Size


Baling Chamber Height


Inner box size




Machine Weight


Machine Overall Dimension


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