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PET Straps

PET Strap Main Features

● PET plastic steel belt is a good tensile strength, excellent welding performance packaging materials.
● Has good tension retention, packed and relaxation after a long time not to guarantee the long-distance transport of goods types of excellent impact resistance.
● Direct use of PET plastic steel belt package, the goods will not damage or corrosion.
● Good flexibility, easy to secure. PET plastic steel belt with no sharp edges, will not scratch the packaging will not hurt hand, when cut without special tools, even if tied more closely, cut it does not hurt.
● Have excellent weather resistance, can be -50 ℃ - 100 ℃ should be maintained between too good stability.
● Beautiful appearance, environmental protection, recyclable use.
● Good economic returns. PET plastic steel belt density with the density of only 1 / 6 unit length of the relatively low prices, 1 metric ton PET with the length of the equivalent of six tons of steel with the length, but the cost per meter below the belt.

PET Steel Strap Specification

W*L(mm) G/METER METER/KGS METER/ROLL Breaking tension(N)
16.0×0.6 12.5 80 1600 3840
16.0×0.8 16.6 60 1200 5120
16.0×0.9 18.7 53 1060 5760
19.0×0.8 19.8 51 1020 6080
19.0×1.0 24.7 40 800 7600
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