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Dust Removal Device

Usage of Dust Removal Device

The dust removal device can capture the the solid particles in the dust gas by the fiber bag filter element. The principle is that when the dust comes to the filter fiber bag, it will be intercepted and collected by inertia force of collisions. The efficiency can reach 99.99% with almost zero emissions.

According to different dust removal way, there are two different dust removal device: low pressure pulse inverse blow filter bag and shaking bag dust removal device.

The Pulse Dust Removal Device Working Principle

the dust gas was blow into the pulse dust removal device under the function of the fans. By the high efficiency of filtration,the dust air is clean and the purification air will be blow into the clean tube system through the fan which can reach national standards. When the dust which absorbed on the surface of the filter bag, accumulates to a certain degree, the pulse counter blowing controller will release a signal, and pulse valve starts, online high pressure injection, the filter bag shrinkage will shake off dust, and down into the dust collector. The dust collector has discharging mouth and flash board valve, which can control the flow. When machine stops,open flash board valve then it can remove the dust.

The shaking bag dust removal device working principle is the same as the pulse dust removal device. When the dust accumulates to a certain degree, the gas cylinder will be continue shaking by the control of electric valves so that the dust absorbed on the bag ban be down into the dust collector. When the machine stops, just remove the dust.

The Efficiency Of Shaking Bag Dust Removal Device

It is a bit lower than the pulse dust removal device. Also, the structure is more simple,so the price is lower compared to the pulse dust removal device. But the space and height are smaller than the pulse dust removal device.

Dust Removal Device

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