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Manual baling press are typically down stroke, vertical baling press are loaded from the front. However don't let the word manual leads you to doubt its efficiency because all these baling machines are electrically controlled for easy operation, and simple by operating on a button or switch, the machine can fulfill the entire baling cycle automatically.

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02 Full Automatic

Automatic baler is typically loaded from the top, and you can link it to any skid load, in-feed conveyor, or air-blown systems to achieve full automation from material feeding to tidy bales, and automatically discharged onto a rolling conveyor.

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automatic waste paper and plastic baler
03 Baler Accessories
About us about-xtpack

XTpack locates in Xiting Industral Zone of Nantong City, PRC. It is only 135km away from Shanghai Hongqiao airport (1.5hours driving).We are professional in hydraulic baler's manufacturing for decades years. Facility 's land size is more than 15000㎡. A well equipped facility has been set up since many years ago before we were a leading manufacturer in baler industry. The compact quality control system is not only in parts and finish goods inspection but also embedded in process control. Detailed working instructions were published in every workstation. The records of manufacturing and inspection will be well kept for a long time. Every baler, before sent to customer ,will get a certification after a set of warm up running and inspection.

Baler Application
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Green Initiatives in Hospitality: Aluminum Can Baler for Sale in Hotel Recycling

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