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XTpack baler service
XTpack Participated In The 2024WEPACK XTpack Participated In The 2024WEPACK

The 2024WEPACK and the 2024 Sino Corrugated South has officially ended on April 12.During the exhibition, our booth was crowded with visitors. We demonstrated our customer cases and the company's over...

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The maintenance of the machines is very important. It can always keep the machines in the best running situation. It also saves your cost in long term and lengthens the life span of the machines.

Vertical Balers

Clean the outside and inside of the machine with air blower after each shift.

Inspect all the oil pipe joints and cylinders. Tighten fittings that are leaking. Excessive oil on the cylinder rod is a sign that the seals need to be replaced.

Lubricate the door hinges, latches and gate guides.

1.Replace new oil filter that on hydraulic system.
2.Change the hydraulic oil with new one.

Horizontal Balers

1.Check all screws and bolts, tight the loose ones at once.
2.Clean the machines with air blower after each shifts and keep dry around the machine base to avoid rust.

1. Grease the rollers of ram cart with grease gun (Open the two gates that on the two sides of machine. You will find four grease nipples).
2. Clean and grease the chains of in the twister box and wire pusher box.
3. Check whether all the guide rollers can rotate smoothly; clean the rust and grease them; check the bearing and replace a new one if it’s broken.

1. Check the chains that in the twister box and wire pusher box. Tighten the loose ones.
2. Check the oil quantity that in worm reducer (on the above of the twister box), replenish with SAE 90# Gear Oil.
3. Check whether the suction filter of the pump has been jammed. Clean it with diesel. Large noisy will be heard if the filter serious jammed.
4. Check the oil level gauge that on the oil tank, replenish it if the level is below the lower limit gauge.

1. Drain out all the oil in the oil tank, clean the inside of the oil tank. Take out the oil fitter and clean it by diesel. Refill new hydraulic oil.
2. Check all parts especially for ram cutters, guide rollers, bearings, wire cutters and twisters, and inspect whether they have been worn out, broken or loosen. If yes, replace new ones.

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