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baler application
Export Baler Machine to Domestic Export Baler Machine to Domestic

Autumn is a harvest festival, our machines are just like fruits sent to our customers.Today, on a sunny day, we send our XTY-500KL11070 machine to our Domestic client.Specially used for recycling the ...

AUTO PRINT 2 PACK EGYPT successfully hosted in New Cairo AUTO PRINT 2 PACK EGYPT successfully hosted in New Cairo

It’s our great honor to attend this exhibition. This was our first exhibition in abroad since the COVID-19 in Y2019. We met our old friends and get to know so many new customers feel interest about o...

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The model below is specialized in compressing all kinds of metal materials like steel shaving, waste copper, aluminum etc. Please be free to contact us and tell what you want to help choose the suitable model or for customization.

Baler For Metals

Related Baler Application

  • PET Bottle/ Aluminum Cans
    As for aluminum cans, more and more recyclers need to press this kind of waste to save space and for convenient transportation.
  • Cardboard/ Paper
    As for paper, it is one of the most common waste in our life. Since its recycling value is very high, can be as raw material and fuel in different industries.
  • Tire
    XTpack tyre balers specially designed for pressing rubber products like car tyres, tryck tyres, bus tyres etc.
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