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Function & Features of Balance

● Patented, high-rigid design
● Platform below 2×3m made of patterned plate
● Platform above 2×3m made of flat plate
● Equipped with a special-made 8m-long signal-shielded cable
● Surface of aluminum paste or spray paint orange line
● Metal-sense surface with orange-line aluminum paste or spray paint
● Equipped with famous-brand alternating-current/direct-current (AC/DC) digital indicator and high-accuracy load cell
● High-accuracy system, fast weighing, steady and reliable work
● If attaching devices like bunker, roller way or steel-tape support, etc. are installed on the platform, the scale can be used as weighing equipment like bunker scale, roller scale or steel-tape scale.

● Widely used in places like storehouses, workshops, goods yard, pedlars' market, building site, etc.

Technical parameter of Balance

● Weighing range 1t~20t (or more)
● Safe overload 150%Max
● Working temperature
● Weighing indicator -10 ~ +40℃
● Platform and load cell -30 ~ +65℃
● Relative humidity <95%
● Power source
● Voltage 240/220/110VAC
● Frequency 50/60Hz
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