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Baling And Bagging Machines

Usage of Baling And Bagging Machines

Specialized designed for baling and bagging wood shavings/ships, alfalfa, waste fabric, cotton yarn and textile scraps etc. Widely used by laboratories, the pets materials plants, clothes recycling plants etc.

Features of Baling And Bagging Machines

  • Equipped with weighing device, ensures uniform bale weight
  • Only one press button required for the whole pressing and ejecting system, for conveniently operation
  • One time material feeding, improves the working efficiency
  • Equipped with Omron brand of PLC, makes sure safety interlock
ITEMS XTB-100 XTB-200 XTB-250 XTB-300 XTB-400
Feed opening size (L*W) 500*300mm 850*550mm 850*550mm 1200*600mm 100*650mm
BalingChamber Size 570*300*200mm 1230*550*200mm 1400*550*250mm 1600*600*250mm 2100*750*750mm
Bale size (L*W*H) 300*90*200mm 550*380*200mm 550*400*250mm 600*450*250mm 650*300*250mm
Bale weight 1kgs (sawdust) 20kgs (fabric) 25kgs (fabric) 30kgs (fabric) 40-50kgs
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 11kw
Machine weight 850kgs 1000kgs 1100kgs 1200kgs 3000kgs
Machine overall dimension 1600*1300*1500mm 2600*2200*1500mm 3000*2300*1500mm 3500*2500*1500mm 3300*3600*2000mm

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