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  • Advancing Recycling: The Aluminum Can Baler MachineAdvancing Recycling: The Aluminum Can Baler MachineAugust 17, 2023In the ever-evolving landscape of recycling, the aluminum can baler machine emerges as a revolutionary tool. This cutting-edge technology plays a pivotal role in transforming aluminum cans into compac...view
  • 2017 Technoprint in Egypt2017 Technoprint in EgyptJune 3, 2017This is the second time for XTpack attend Technoprint in Egypt.We believe this efficient way to open Egyptian market by flying to Egypt and attend the professional exhibition in the packaging and prin...view
  • Fitness Center Green Initiatives: Small Baler Machine for SaleFitness Center Green Initiatives: Small Baler Machine for SaleNovember 30, 2023As the world becomes increasingly conscious about environmental sustainability, many industries, including the fitness sector, are adopting green initiatives to reduce their ecological footprint. Fitn...view
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