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baler machines

Medium-sized Full Automatic Balers

Usage of Medium-sized Full Automatic Balers

Widely used for compressing waste cardboard, cartons, paper, plastic film, straw etc.

Features of Medium-sized Full Automatic Balers

  • Photoelectric switch activates baler when charge box is full
  • Unique double-cutting design of cutters  improves the cutting efficiency and lengthens the lifespan of the cutters
  • Particular anti-slide design of the machine makes nicer bales
  • Unique trunnion-mounted frame and ball-end joint design for the main cylinder avoid the torque on the rod, which lengthens the lifespan of the seals
  • Equipped with rapid automatic tying system, easy for cleaning and maintaining
  • Use differential technique for the hydraulic system, makes shorter cycle time so that improve the working efficiency and save electricity
  • Automatic tension system ensures “brick-like” bales on all loose materials
  • Adjustable bales length and bales quantity accumulating function make the operation of the machine more convenient
  • Automatically detect and show the errors of the machine which improve the machine inspection efficiency
  • International standard electric circuit layout, graphic operation instruction and detailed parts marks makes the operation been more easily understanding and improves the maintenance efficiency
  • The press heads are specially processed by planomiller, ensures the precise running of the ram
  • Use high quality hydraulic system from Taiwan, ensures the stable running of the machine
  • The heavy duty machine body makes sure only flat ground is required by the installation
Model XTY-600W11075-30 XTY-800W11075-50 XTY-800W11075L-50
Pressure 60tons 80tons 80tons
Main Motor Power 22kw 37.5kw 37.5kw
Cooling System air cooler / water cooler air cooler / water cooler air cooler / water cooler
Cycle Time (unload) 24s 16s 28s
Oil Reservoir 1000L 1100L 1100L
Number of Belting 4lines 4lines 4lines
Wire Size Ø2.7-3.2 Ø2.7-3.2 Ø2.7-3.2
Feed Opening Size (L*W) 1600*1050mm 1600*1050mm 2400*1050mm
Chamber Size (L*W*H) 2100*1100*750mm 2100*1100*750mm 2900*1100*750mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, L can be adjustable) L*1100*750mm L*1100*750mm L*1100*750mm
Bale Density (OCC) 400-500kgs/m3 420-500kgs/m3 420-500kgs/m3
Throughput (30-60kgs/m3) 3-7tons/h 4-8tons/h 5-9tons/h
Machine Weight 13tons 14tons 15tons
Machine Overall Dimension 7950*3900*3500mm 8100*3900*3500mm 9500*3900*3500mm
Tying Horizontal Tying or Vertical Tying
Feeding Device Conveyor
Feeding Width 1600mm 1600mm 2000mm
Speed 12m/min 12m/min 12m/min
Power 4/5.5kw 4/5.5kw 7.5kw
Weight 5tons 5tons 6tons
Overall Dimension 9000*2100*4500mm 9000*2100*4500mm 9000*2500*4500mm

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