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Domestic:Vertical baler, small full automatic baling machine system, large size full auto baler machine system...Go overseas:Full auto baler with iron slat conveyor and metal baler to Thailand.Semi au...

Paper Scrap Disposal System For Corrugated Cardboard Factories

The system is a professional design for corrugated cardboard industry waste paper treatment of the whole plant. The corrugator line waste scraps are sucked into the blower through stainless steel flexible hoses. After being cut off, the scraps are transported to the cyclone through duct finally fallen into the waste paper baler. The waste generated by the printing slotting machine and die-cutting machine is transferred to the shredder by the underground belt conveyor. After being cut off, the scraps is transported to the cyclone through duct finally fallen into the waste paper baler, or scraps can directly feed into baler machine through conveyor. The discarded big size cardboard can be shredded by cardboard shredder and blown to the cyclone through duct. Finally, all the scraps will fall into the waste paper baler for compression and baling. The dust removal system will greatly reduce the emission of dust, and can discharge the filtered clean air into the workshop again. The whole system is very professional and efficient!

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