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Shredding Fan

Usage of Shredding Fan

Normally we can provide two types, one is TJFA the other is TJFC. As for TJFA, it means the motor directly drive impeller rotation; while for TJFC, it means motor drive impeller rotation through belt; See the following two types photos:

Selection Remarks of Shredding Fan:

● Cartons quantity;
● Conveying pipe's diameter;
● Conveying distance;

● Position of die-cutting machine, carton crusher, paper-cutting machine, etc.

Precautions of Shredding Fan:

● Material shall be non-hypergolic and non-corrosive air; temperature less than 80 degree;
● Conveying air or materials not contain high temperature, acid, soda, oil, metal scraps or very hard scraps;
● Considering low noise, customer can add silencer in fans' air inlet and outlet;
● It is necessary to change blades when they are worn out.
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