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2024 RosUpack Exhibition-Opportunites and challenges coexist

XTpack had participated in RosUpack Exhibition held in Moscow Crocus Expo Center during 18th to 21th June in 2024.


Under the current international situation, Sino-Russian trade cooperation is in full swing, and the Russian foreign trade market is known as a treasure house full of opportunities.

RosUpack brought together more than 1,000 packaging machinery and finished packaging manufacturers and suppliers, covering all aspects of packaging machinery and finished packaging, making RosUpack2024 truly a packaging event covering the whole industry chain.

For XTPACK, RosUpack 2024 is not only a platform to showcase its own products and services, but also an excellent platform to connect with potential partners and customers.XTPACK has been deeply cultivating the Russian market since 2011, and has sold more than 100 balers to Russia, which are loved by many agents and end users! In this exhibition, many new and old agents stopped to talk about the hand baler project and future cooperation direction. Several carton factory end users even brought factory layout ,can’t wait to discuss at site, and expressed a strong recognition of XTPACK's professionalism!


Due to the influence of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Russian market is full of opportunities and challenges. XTpack will go forward and open up a bigger Russian market!



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