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2024 Chinaplas comes to a perfect end, XTpack will meet you again in 2025!

From April 23 to 26, the 36th China International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition (CHINAPLAS 2024) was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center for four days, with a total number of 321,879 visitors, including 73,204 overseas visitors (accounting for 22.74% of the total number of visitors).

XTpack took a vertical baler to the booth, which attracted many visitors from America, Africa, Asia and other customers from home and abroad. The exhibition site is bustling with people, signing contracts constantly, among which customers from the Americas are very interested in plastic bottle balers, requiring horizontal balers with bale weight of 600-800kgs, and vertical balers with bale weight of 100-150kgs. With rich sales experience, the foreign trade salesman recommended the horizontal semi-automatic baler and vertical PET Bottle baler ,communicating and discussing the feeding method, the size of the package, the tying method, the machine configuration, etc.,.Then we quoted at site and signed the contract. As soon as the show was over, the customer completed the advance payment on the return flight. From the meeting on exhibition to receiving deposit,it only took 3 days.We can see the customer's trust on XTpack and the love for XTpack baler. Thank you very much for choosing XTpack baler. Another customer from the Americas confirmed the baler model and price on site, and promised to arrange payment after returning home. As soon as the exhibition ended, customers from India, Argentina, Colombia and other countries could not wait to visit our factory and expressed a strong willingness to order.

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