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How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Oil for Waste Paper Baling Press

The use of waste paper baling presses is still very wide, it is not only limited to packing cartons, but also paper, letters, and even medicine boxes or other light industrial products. Whether it is a fine package or multiple packages, waste paper baling press can help you solve. Reasonable selection of hydraulic oil is to ensure that the system works normally and efficiently.

Consider the Working Environment and Requirements

The working environment and requirements of waste paper baling press are also factors to be considered when choosing hydraulic fluid. For example, waste paper baling press working in high-temperature environment needs to choose high-temperature resistant hydraulic oil. In the heavy load, high load conditions need to choose a higher viscosity hydraulic oil, to ensure that the equipment has adequate lubrication and sealing effect.

Choose According to the Equipment Manufacturer's Recommendations

The equipment manufacturer usually provides the waste paper baling press with a recommended type and brand of hydraulic fluid. When choosing hydraulic fluid, we can refer to the equipment manufacturer's recommendations and choose the hydraulic fluid that meets the requirements of the equipment. This will ensure that the hydraulic oil matches the equipment and reduce equipment failure and damage caused by improper hydraulic oil selection.

How to Choose the Hydraulic Oil Selection Viscosity

  • Selected according to the type of hydraulic pump: Hydraulic pump is an important element of the hydraulic system, in general, the hydraulic pump should be required by the viscosity of the hydraulic oil as the main selection benchmark.

  • Selected according to the working pressure: Usually, when the working pressure is high, should be selected with high viscosity hydraulic oil, so as to avoid excessive system leakage and low efficiency. When the working pressure is low, the low viscosity of the hydraulic oil should be selected to reduce the pressure loss.

  • The ambient temperature of the hydraulic system: Because the viscosity of mineral oil is greatly affected by temperature changes, so it must also be based on different ambient temperatures to select the appropriate viscosity. Higher temperature is appropriate to use high viscosity hydraulic oil, lower temperature is used when the low viscosity hydraulic oil.

The hydraulic system of waste paper baling press has hidden, diversity and complexity. If the use of waste paper baling press in the process of flashing hydraulic system problems, may cause downtime. So in the daily use of the process should know how to protect the baler's hydraulic system, choose the right hydraulic oil.

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