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Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers

Usage of Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers

1. Applied for explosive gas atmosphere 1 zone 2 zone
2. Applied for combustible dust atmosphere 20 zone 21 zone 22 zone
3. Applied for explosive gas atmosphere with IIA, IIB, IIC grades
4. Applied for atmosphere with temperature class from T1-T6
5. Applied for explosion risk environment like textile,medical,chemical,oil mining smelting,storage,military and military facilities,etc.
6. Applied for baling the waste with toxic and harmful gas or dust,conform with OHSAS18000 standards

Features of Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers

  • Employing Japanese NOK seals
  • Employing Japanese A.M.C oil pipe joint
  • Employing Taiwan Seven Ocean valve block
  • Employing Taiwan Seven Ocean cylinder
  • Hydraulic oil tank designed on top, more convenient for assembling
  • Applied for anti-explosion motor
  • Special ram guides design makes the platen not slop because of uneven materials feeding during compression
  • Conform to the environmental standards, CE certification
  • Open door structure designed with slowly pressure releasing, more safety and reliable
  • Applied for anti-explosion hydraulic system, anti-explosion electric control box
  • Anti-explosion level: motor EX TD A21 T135℃;Motor DIPA20TA  Exed II CAT6
  • Execution standard: GB3836.1 GB3836.2 GB3836.3  GB12476.1 IEC60079 OHSAS18001



Pressure force

30 Tons

Bale size


Feed opening size




Bale weight




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