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No. 158, Qingnian East Road, Xiting Industry Park, Nantong City 226321, P.R. China


March 22-24 CNISE at the hall of Ningbo international Conference&Exhibition Center(Hall1-8) , come to a successful close. 

Exhibition area of 51,700 square meters, 1564 exhibitors, 27236 visitors, the data continue to lead the Asia Pacific stationery industry exhibition.

Inviting many leading enterprises, key enterprises, experts and scholars, and industry player,tightly around the new year, new opportunities and new challenges, focus on the high-quality development of the industry, stimulate new potential energy for the development of the industry, concentrate the wisdom of the industry, and explore the road of industry development under the new situation.

XTpack booth number: H6-B07

The main exhibits on display are three popular series: Vertical Baler Machine, Full automatic baler machine and Semi automatic baler machine

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  • Soft Plastic BalersSoft Plastic BalersNovember 14, 2016Soft Plastic Balers are widely used for compressing all kinds of soft plastics like PE/PP films. Pressure: 30-50 tons or more Feed Opening Size: (1100-1200)*500mm Baling Chamber Height: 1400-1500mm Bale Weight: 60-350kgsview
  • Large-Sized Full Automatic Two Ram BalersLarge-Sized Full Automatic Two Ram BalersJanuary 8, 2017Large-sized Full Automatic Two Ram Balers can’t only achieve maximum bale weight but also bale many different materials Pressure: Up to 250tons Number of Belting: Set as per demand Feed Opening Size: Min. 1780*1026mm, Max. 1900*1420mm Bale Size: Maview
  • Twin Chamber BalersTwin Chamber BalersNovember 16, 2016Two Chamber Balers with double chambers can handle different materials like paper, plastics, textile, food residue etc. with higher efficiency. Pressure: 30 tons Feed Opening Size: 700*500mm Chamber Size: 700*500*725mm Bale Size:700*500*(150-400)mmview

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