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XTPACK in IFAT Munich, May 13-17,2024

The great exhibition for global water, wastewater, waste and raw material treatment was held in Munich on May 13-17, 2024. XTPACK has the honor to witness and participate in this grand event.

Founded in 1966, the Munich Environmental Expo (IFAT) is currently the most important environmental and waste disposal trade fair in the world. As one of the important international exhibitions certified by UFI, IFAT leads the latest trend of the international environmental protection industry and is recognized as a global weather vane in the industry.

The B5 exhibition hall where XTPACK is located gathers the world's excellent baler manufacturers, and XTPACK is the only Chinese supplier!

During the exhibition, some XTPACK’s agents from the United Kingdom, Japan and European branches also gathered together and held a grand PARTY to celebrate the vigorous development of environmental protection and the wonderful future of Jiangsu XTPACK!

The 2024 IFAT exhibition is over, but its impact has just begun and looks forward to seeing you next time.

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