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baler machines

Baler Machines

How to choose right baler machines for your waste recycling purpose?

XTpack locates in Xiting Industral Zone of Nantong City, PRC. It is only  135km away from Shanghai Hongqiao airport (1.5hours driving).We are professional in hydraulic baler's manufacturing for decades years. Facility 's land size is more than 15000㎡.

A well equipped facility has been set up since many years ago before we were a leading manufacturer in baler industry. The compact quality control system is not only in parts and finish goods inspection but also embedded in process control. Detailed working instructions were published in every workstation. The records of manufacturing and inspection will be well kept for a long time. Every baler, before sent to customer ,will get a certification after a set of warm up running and inspection.

Our standard products cover vertical baler, semi-automatic horizontal baler, automatic horizontal baler, bagging machine, conveyor, shredding fan. We are not only getting bigger and bigger marketing share in China but also becoming a global player with the export business growing very fast.

XTpack has passed CE/SGS/TUV/ISO9001 certifications. Dozens of patents were registered. High-tech award was given by local government because of excellent engineering design contribution for recycling industry.
XTpack was, is, and will be your best choice.

  • By Operation

    • Manual
    • Semi-automatic
    • Full automatic
  • Application

    • Cardboard/ Paper
    • IE Expo Exhibition
    • PET Bottle/ Aluminum cans
    • Foam/ Non-wolven Fabric
    • Soft Plastic
    • Hard Pastics
    • Natural Fiber
    • Alfafa/ Straw
    • Clothes & Cotton & Wool
    • Tire
    • Aluminum Alloy Frame
    • Car Bumper & Plastic Pallet
    • Kitchen Garbage
    • Woodshaving & Rice Husk & Rags
    • Urban Waste
    • Metals
  • Vertical Cutting Balers
    Vertical Cutting Balers

    Usage of Vertical Cutting Balers Specially used for cutting the materials like various rubber, plastic, plastic films, etc. into small pieces; Features of Vertical Cutting Balers With European safety standard ensures the safety of the operation;Unique double-cutting design of cutters improves the cutting efficiency and lengthens the service life of the cutters;Equipped with independent emergency stop for safe operation;Equipped with NOK seals that from Japan means longer lifespan of the seals;Equipped with A.M.C. oil pipe joints that from Japan ensures the machine far away from oil leakage pro...

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  • Twin Chamber Balers
    Twin Chamber Balers

    Usage of Two Chamber Balers Specially used for compressing the waste like food residue, paper, plastics and textile etc. Which widely applied by the vessels, hotels,resorts and factories etc.Features of Two Chamber Balers Special ram guides design makes the platen not slope because of uneven materials feedings during compressionEquipped with NOK seals that imported from Japan means longer lifespan of the sealsEquipped with A.M.C oil pipe joints that imported from Japan ensures the machine far away from oil leakage problemsLarge size feed opening and baling chamber for easier loadingPackaging s...

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  • Dust Balers
    Dust Balers

    Usage of Dust BalersSpecially in compressing the dust dropped from the bag-typed dust collecting device.It solves the bagging and transportation problem when the dust is on second transportation.And it can also save 80% carbon emission.Features of Dust BalersCE certified.Equipped with Japanese ValveEquipped with Taiwan CylinderEquipped with Schneider MotorEquipped with Japanese oil pipe jointsMODELXT-FT-CDB90XT-FT-CDB90DXT-FT-CDB140DPressing Power15Tons15Tons15TonsPackaging sizeD 90mmD 90mmD 140mmfeed opening size1200mm1200mm1200mmBaling chamber inD 1200mmD 1200mmD 1200mmOutput per hour in Bal...

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  • Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers
    Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers

    Usage of Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers 1. Applied for explosive gas atmosphere 1 zone 2 zone2. Applied for combustible dust atmosphere 20 zone 21 zone 22 zone3. Applied for explosive gas atmosphere with IIA, IIB, IIC grades4. Applied for atmosphere with temperature class from T1-T65. Applied for explosion risk environment like textile,medical,chemical,oil mining smelting,storage,military and military facilities,etc.6. Applied for baling the waste with toxic and harmful gas or dust,conform with OHSAS18000 standardsFeatures of Anti-Explosion & Dedusting Balers Employing Japanese NOK sealsEmp...

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  • Steel/Oil Drum Baler
    Steel/Oil Drum Baler

    UsageSpecially used for compressing various steel drums like oil drums, paint drums etc. Widely use in the industries which generate huge amount of drums, greatly save space and convenient for transportation;Main Features● Bottom liquid receiver is optional for collecting the liquid.● Easily compress steel or oil drums without explosive content up to 200litre;● Spikes in the press plate puncture the drum and remove air;● Interlock system prevents the motor from running unless the door is closed; ● The press plate will stop running downwards when the door is opened which ensure the sa...

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  • Kitchen Garbage Balers
    Kitchen Garbage Balers

    Usage of Kitchen Garbage Balers Specially used for compressing the waste like food residue, paper, plastics, disposable tableware etc. which widely applied by the vessels, drilling platform, island, harbor, restaurant, hotel and hospital etc.Features of Kitchen Garbage Balers Machine’s frame is strong and powerful for odious environment.Equipped with stainless inner box to avoid corrosion.The machine with professional enclosed design to avoid dust in.The ram will stop running downwards when the feeding gate is opened which ensure the safety of the operation.Equipped with independent emergency...

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  • TEL:+86-513-86831966
  • ADDRESS:No. 158, Qingnian East Road, Xiting Industry Park, Nantong City 226321, P.R. China
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