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What Are the Considerations During the Installation of Hydraulic Oil Pump for Industrial Trash Baler

Installation of the industrial trash baler hydraulic oil pump

  • The quality of the oil pump device has a significant impact on the pump's smooth operation and service life, so the installation and calibration work should be carried out carefully, and should not be done in a hurry. The bracket or base of the hydraulic pump of the industrial trash baler should be sturdy and strong, and the pump shaft of the hydraulic pump should be aligned with the motor shaft.

  • The position, length and diameter of the suction pipe of the oil pump should meet the calculated value and be simplified, and the pump should not exceed the cavitation margin during operation. The inner diameter of the suction pipe should not be smaller than the specified requirements. The length of the suction pipe should not be too long. There should not be more than two 90-degree bends, and it is best to connect it with a short soft pipe. The installation position of the oil pump should be appropriate so that the hydraulic oil can flow into the suction port of the pump.

  • The suction and discharge pipelines of the oil pump should have brackets.

  • The installation address of the oil pump should be spacious to facilitate maintenance.

During the trial operation after the installation of the hydraulic oil pump of the industrial trash baler, the temperature and vibration of the bearings should be checked as follows: loosen the coupling, put a horizontal level on the pump shaft and the base of the electric oil pump, adjust the wedge pad to level the unit, and tighten the foot bolts appropriately to prevent loosening. In order to prevent impurities in the pipeline from entering the pump, a filter should be installed on the new pipeline, and its effective cross-sectional area should be greater than 2-3 times the cross-sectional area of the suction pipe.

Characteristics of the packaging tape material of the industrial trash baler

There are many types of packaging belts on the market, and the quality is uneven. For users who have never used packaging belts, it may be difficult to understand the characteristics of the packaging tape materials used in the industrial trash baler and their application scenarios. The following are the related characteristics of the packaging tape material of the industrial trash baler:

Small elongation

The elongation of polypropylene (PP) belts is one sixth of that of steel belts, and it can maintain tightening force for a long time.

Beautiful and rust-free

The rust pollution of steel belts can be avoided by using non-steel belts, which has a bright color.

Strong temperature resistance

The melting point is 260℃, and it will not deform when used below 120℃.

Strong tensile strength

It has both the tensile strength of a steel belt and the extensibility that can withstand impact, which can ensure the transportation of your products.

Economical benefits

The length of one ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to six tons of steel belt, and the unit price per meter is lower than that of steel belt, which can save you costs.

Good flexibility

Without the sharp edges of steel belts, it is easy to operate, and it will not hurt hands or damage the bundled objects.

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