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XTY-1250W110125-75 Large-sized Full Automatic Balers

XTY-1250W110125-75 Large-sized Full Automatic Balers

XTY-1250W110125-75 it isequipped with the international standard electriccircuit,graphical displays of instructions and detailed spare parts marking all which help the operations andmaintenance more easily and conveniently.

Main Motor Power:55kw
< Cycle Time (unload):15s
Oil Reservoir:1900L
Number of Belting:5lines
Wire Size:Ø3.0-3.4
Feed Opening Size (L*W):1600*1050mm
Chamber Size (L*W*H):2100*1100*1250mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, L can be adjustable):L*1100*1250mm
Bale Density(OCC):450-550kgs/m3
Throughput (30-60kgs/m3):8-15tons/h
Machine Weight:21tons
Machine Overall Dimension:9000*4100*4200mm
Feeding Device:Conveyor
Feeding Width:1600mm
Overall Dimension:11000*2100*5200mm

XTY-1250W110125-75 Large-sized Full Automatic Balers Gallery

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Small-Sized Full Automatic Balers With Cyclone With Filter Unit

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