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SX-50LA6040 Small Vertical Balers

SX-50LA6040 Small Vertical Balers

SX-50LA6040, although it’s small, it can also compress many kinds of waste materials such as waste paper, plastics, food residue etc. The operation is very easy. Feed manually and next the machine compresses automatically. Then tie bales through slots. Finally it comes out by auto chain bale ejector.

Feed Opening Size (L*H):600*400mm
Baling Chamber Height:1000mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, H is adjustable):600*400*(200-600)mm
Bale Weight:15-40kg
Machine Weight:650kgs
Machine Overall Dimension:900*570*2240mm

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Full Auto Baler with Dust Collestion&Weighing System

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