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XTY-400WS7280 Semi-Automatic Balers With Open Gate

XTY-400WS7280 Semi-Automatic Balers With Open Gate

Semi-automatic balers can also connect with the conveyor and air pipe lines to feed and compress the materials automatically.The difference is that semi-auto balers need manual tying. But it has the advantage on the price. It's also the most people's preference.

Main Cylinder Size:Ø125
Main Motor Power:11kw
Cooling System:N/A
Cycle Time (unload):20s
Oil Reservoir:240L
Number of Belting:4lines
Wire Size:Ø2.4-2.7
Feed Opening Size (L*W):1000*690mm
Chamber Size (L*W*H):1200*720*800mm
Bale Size (L*W*H, L can be adjustable):L*720*800mm (L is adjustable)
Bale Density(OCC):350-450kgs/m3
Throughput (30-60kgs/m3):0.5-1ton/h
Machine Weight:5tons
Machine Overall Dimension:4800*1500*2000mm
Feeding Device:cyclone/conveyor

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semi automatic baler
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semi automatic baler

Automatic Water Squeezing & Baling Machine

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