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XT-FT-CDB140D Dust Balers

XT-FT-CDB140D Dust Balers

To create a dust-free, environmentalprotection workshop, this product is the main part of the waste disposal system which is very popular in paper plants, printing and corrugated cardboard industries. High quality configurations like Japanese Valve, Taiwan Cylinder, Schneider Motor etc. make most customers’ preference.

Pressing Power:15 tons
Packaging size:D 140mm
feed opening size:1200mm
Baling chamber in:D 1200mm
Output per hour in Bales:60kg/h
Feeding motor:1.5kw
Dimension (L *W *H):2700*1400*1100mm

XT-FT-CDB140D Dust Balers Gallery

dust balers
dust balers
dust balers
dust balers

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