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XTpack Participated In The 2024WEPACK

The 2024WEPACK and the 2024 Sino Corrugated South has officially ended on April 12.

During the exhibition, our booth was crowded with visitors. We demonstrated our customer cases and the company's overall strength in the field of packaging and printing to customers by distributing product manuals, playing promotional videos, displaying promotional posters, etc., and received a large number of users to stop and inquire, for their carton factory/printing factory,which requires waste paper/cardboard packaging and dust removal.

At the exhibition, we displayed a new baler machine, its novel design, affordable price has been praised by domestic and foreign customers, come to consult an endless stream of customers!

The popularity of the exhibition has attracted many high-quality customers at home and abroad, and the on-site supply and demand of XTPACK is prosperous, and the transaction is hot! Our high quality and service has won the praise and trust of customers at home and abroad, the on-site baler machine is ordered directly, as soon as the exhibition is over, this baler will be delivered to the customer!Here, XTPACK would like to express heartfelt thanks to our customers who always support and trust us, we will provide better quality, more intimate service, sincere feedback to every customers!


Exhibition Notice: 2024 IEexpo (April 18-20) and 2024 Chinaplas(April 23-26), XTPACK will, as always, continue to bring you quality service, looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai!

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