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Successful Conclusion of Vietnam PrintPack 2023 Exhibition

Vietnam PrintPack, the largest and most comprehensive packaging exhibition in Vietnam, has achieved resounding success. Established in 2001, it is widely recognized as the premier event for professionals and technology enthusiasts in the printing and packaging machinery industry in Vietnam. Serving as a bridge for business exchanges between leading companies in the packaging sector and small to medium-sized enterprises, including startups, it has become the preferred platform for buyers to procure equipment and gain insights into the development trends and current status of packaging machinery .

The 2023 edition of Vietnam PrintPack witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of visitors.The Vietnam PrintPack exhibition took place from September 27th to September 30th, 2023,  attracting a multitude of exhibitors and attendees.XTPACK, one of the exhibitors at this year's Vietnam PrintPack, is a professional baler machine manufacturer with 24 years of industry experience.

Our products have attracted the attention of many customers. They are highly satisfied with our products and have reached preliminary cooperation intentions with many customers. We are also looking forward to meeting you at the next exhibition! Please pay attention to our latest developments and look forward to becoming a partner with you.


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