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Why Choose Hydraulic Transmission for Waste Paper Baler?

Waste paper baler is an electromechanical integrated product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, feeding system, and power system. It is composed of auxiliary time such as packing, returning, lifting, falling, descending box, ascending box, switching box, out of package ascending, out of package descending, connecting package, threading wire and clamping buckle etc.

Structural form of waste paper baler

Currently, the waste paper baler on the market is mainly divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. The volume of vertical baler is relatively small, so the packing size is also small and the efficiency is not high. The horizontal baler is relatively large in volume compared to the vertical baler, but its compression force is also greater than that of the vertical baler. The packing size is relatively large, the efficiency of out-of-package is higher, and it is easy to operate automatically. Therefore, the designed waste paper baler adopts a horizontal form. The horizontal waste paper baler is easy to realize automation, which can improve the total efficiency of packing and save labor costs for packing.

Transmission mode of waste paper baler

The power system of the waste paper baler currently has three ways: motor drive, hydraulic drive and pneumatic drive. Pneumatic drive has its limitations: its working pressure is small and it is not suitable for operation under high pressure. Waste paper baler requires working under high pressure, so it cannot be used as a power source for waste paper baler. Compared with motor drive, hydraulic drive has compact structure, light weight, can complete complex mechanical movements, easy to realize automation, no inertia, sensitive reaction and other advantages.

Hydraulic transmission system drives large equipment, has high performance requirements, and often works in harsh environments. Hydraulic transmission can conveniently realize equipment operation automation. At the same time, hydraulic drive also has some difficult-to-overcome disadvantages, such as inevitable leakage and compressibility of liquid, inability to fully guarantee compression ratio and transmission ratio, inability to make long-distance movement, sensitivity to oil temperature and load changes, high manufacturing accuracy requirements for hydraulic system components, and high cost, and faults are not easy to be found and removed. In summary, choosing hydraulic drive is more reasonable.

Hydraulic transmission control is a frequently used control mode in industry, which uses hydraulic to transfer energy. Due to the flexibility and convenience of hydraulic transmission control, hydraulic control has been widely valued in industry. Hydraulic drive is a subject that studies various mechanical and automatic control using pressurized fluid as energy medium.

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