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Who Are the little Giants in the Waste Paper Baler?

Reasons for low pressure of waste paper baler

Some customers may find that the equipment pressure is small after purchasing the waste paper baler, the edges of the bale are not neat, and they are loose. Some of them will also disintegrate during handling, which causes the pressure of the waste paper baler to be small mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Check whether there is a loud noise and abnormal noise when the high-pressure operation of the oil pump is performed. If there is, it means that the oil pump has a problem; confirm the oil inlet and outlet of the pump, and be sure to fill the hydraulic oil into the pump before starting the hydraulic pump. The inlet and outlet of the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler must be well sealed, and there must be no leakage or air entering. If it is confirmed that there is air ingress, you can apply butter to the sealing position to see if the noise of the oil pump is significantly reduced to determine whether there is air ingress during the operation of the oil pump.

  • Check whether the hydraulic oil quality is qualified, whether there is pollution, whether the oil filter is blocked, whether the oil flow channel is too small, and whether the oil viscosity is too high, so that the oil cannot be sucked up.

  • Adjust the pressure of the relief valve (pay attention to whether the oil gauge has changed, do not overpressure).

  • Check the motor power of the waste paper baler, whether it is insufficient, and whether the speed is too low.

The precision components of the waste paper baler

The precision components of the waste paper baler play a vital role in the overall operation of the machinery, and with it, the machinery can work efficiently.
The plunger pump is a pump that produces high pressure by reciprocating the plunger in the pump cylinder to form a variable volume between the plunger and the pump wall, repeatedly sucking and discharging the liquid and increasing its pressure. The pump has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency, and convenient flow regulation, and is widely used in places where high pressure, large flow, and flow regulation are required, such as hydraulic waste paper balers, engineering machinery, and ships. The plunger pump belongs to the category of reciprocating pumps and can produce relatively high pressure!

Secondly, the waste paper baler also has a vane pump. The vane pump converts the mechanical energy of the power machine into hydraulic machinery with water energy (potential energy, kinetic energy, pressure energy) through the rotation of the impeller. When the impeller of the vane pump rotates, the blades are tightly attached to the inner surface of the stator under the action of centrifugal force and pressure oil at the tip. In this way, the working volume formed by the two blades and the inner surface of the rotor and stator, first sucks oil from small to large and then discharges oil from large to small, and the vane pump has a simple structure, uniform flow, large displacement, and high efficiency, with a capacity of more than one ton per hour.

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