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No. 158, Qingnian East Road, Xiting Industry Park, Nantong City 226321, P.R. China

XTpack Participated In PAPER-ME, TISSUE-ME & PRINT2PACK EGYPT 2023

On September 4, 2023, Cairo local time, the 12th Paper Me,Tissue Me,Print 2023, which lasted three days, came to an end. At this exhibition, we are full of harvest!

Jiangsu Xutian Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has attracted a lots of new and old customers and agents to come to our booth. The atmosphere of the exhibition site is very active.The customers keep coming to visit and ask about the baler machine until 8 p.m. Our professional and patient introduction has won the praise of the customers; Carton factory customers are interested in the fully automatic baler and pipe systems. The recycling industry customers expressed great recognition for our large sized full automatic balers and wanted to visit our factory in China after the show.

We are looking forward to more balers installed in Egypt.And hope to see you again in 2024!


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